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16 - 17 July                                       San Francisco
17 - 25 July     Oahu, Hawaii

On July 16th 2002 at 2:00AM three very tired young men embarked on a 10 day adventure that would take them 5000 miles away from home and the comforts of cheeseburgers and fries.

Departing the Allenwood gas station at 2:30AM drivers Albert and Harold, with toothpicks in eyes, navigated the five of us to BWI for our 7:00AM departure.  Special thanks to these two brave helmsmen for getting us there with time to spare.

With a rare on-time departure we arrived in San Francisco 15 minutes early.  Dropping the luggage at the airport, the 5 of us jumped into Mr. Mike's  taxi "the friendliest taxi driver in SF" and had a quick tour of SF and all of her sights.  Mike had us to the ballpark in time for the 1st inning (Giants vs. Diamondbacks).  

We will now let some of the many pictures that we took do the talking.
Lance by Golden Gate Bridge

Justin w/ Alcatraz in backround
  Captain Alcatraz

Flowers in SF
Flowers near Fisherman's Wharf

More pictures from San Francisco soon!

Next stop was Honolulu, arriving in the evening we crammed luggage and people into a small car and quickly made our way to Waikiki.  We would spend the first night here before moving to the windward side of the island.  By superb planning we were able to check-in, drop the bags and seal ourselves back in the car for a short ride to the Garlic Festival, a one night event.  It was a nice way to be introduced to the island with lots of local food w/ garlic (unfortunately the ice cream was finished), live music, a little rain and some young wahines (women) to help Justin, Brooks and Lance deal with jet lag.

Enough rambling, now for the pictures........
Byodoin Temple  Bridge w/ boys
Kaneohe at the Byo-do-in Temple

Byodoin Temple Lantern w/ boys
Byo-do-in Temple       Everyone still looks happy!
Byodoin Nance and I
Finding time to jump in front of the camera

Justin Kamehameha
Impression of King Kamehameha

Brooks Kamehameha
Sweet cape

Justin at Laie
Laie, heading towards the North Shore of Oahu

Brooks at Laie
Laie, Brooks after having about 150 pictures taken, yes he is still smiling!

Lance taking Nance swimming
What do you mean you don't want to get your hair wet?

Nance & I at Lanikai
 Evening at Lanikai Beach  (pre-shave ice)

Mr. Bean
Where is the turtleneck sweater to go with those trousers?

Brooks & I discussing Kamehameha
Brooks & I discussing the strategies of backgammon

These are just a few of the many great times we had this past summer.  We truly enjoyed ourselves and really got to know some wonderful young men that we had not been able to spend much time with in the last 10 years. Hopefully they also got to know us better.  

Plan to add more photos of our trip soon.                          
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