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Kingdom of Jordan

March 2001


The first view of the Treasury exiting from the Siq

The Monastery ( arrived late in the afternoon and had the place to ourselves )  It is located on top of a mountain and takes about 45 minutes of hiking a footpath of spectacular views to arrive at this monstrosity.

Wildlife in Petra

Camels and donkeys were common sites and were used for transporting the weary travelers.

The Lion Fountain (can you see it?).

Looking down onto the main street.

Taking the above photo

3000 meters straight down! Well, at least 2

Nancy making a new friend

Another taxi

Down on the main street, magnificent (the rock is nice too).

Wondering if I can remember the path down...

Enjoying some shade

The Treasury

The tomb of the unknown soldier


An old Roman city of yesteryear in northern Jordan


Thanks Jordan.