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Incredible Indonesia

Various shots from our journeys to this tropical paradise.

A few of the beautiful Balinese women going to the temple with offerings.

December 1998.

The tranquil view of the rice fields from our bungalow (Sari Bamboo) in Penestanan.

Wyan, the owner of Sari Bamboo, posing with our Christmas breakfast that she put together. (a work of art!)

The beginning of a cremation procession for a princess of Ubud. Her body is carried on a tall tower behind the bull until the end of town, then the body is transferred into the bull. The bull and tower are then ignited. The Balinese believe that the more people that attend the creamation and the more noise that is made during the procession will ensure that the spirit will be driven into the spirit world. If not enough noise is created during the ceremony, the spirit will not leave and may haunt the village.

Another view from our bungalow, this is the tallest mountain on Bali.

Everynight we enjoyed breathtaking sunsets, unfortunately the photo does not capture the sounds of the frogs and bugs that accented the colors. Jamie, Greg, Claire, Nancy and I usually relaxed with some Honduras cigars (that Greg was so kind to bring from Singapore) and a few litres of the local Bin-Tang beer, as we took in the ever changing sunsets. (the cigars were not only tasty, but also served as mosquito repellent, thanks again Greg).

A typical entrance gate in Bali. Looks inviting, doesn't it?

Check back here periodically to see if we have changed some of the pictures.